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The US economy has multiple drivers, chief among them is the small, high-growth businesses which disproportionately drive economic activity, jobs, and innovation – generating 13 times as many patents per employee as large companies (US SBA statistics). Small businesses, defined as companies with fewer than 500 employees, account for almost two-thirds of all net new job creation.

Small businesses, powerful though they can be, will naturally encounter a variety of challenges as they grow throughout their lifecycle. The quicker their growth, the more negative the impact of these challenges can be. We believe that an organization’s growth and strength potential is hindered, or supported, by how well it predicts and manages those inevitable challenges. In fact, we also believe that challenges predicted and well managed can become strengths that endure.

As Business Growth Curve Strategists, we help entrepreneurial and small to medium sized businesses grow and thrive in today’s changing economic landscape. Smart businesses embrace a proft-driven, people-centered, growth-smart business model. Unlike large business entities, the smaller company has flexibility and agility on its side.

Due to this flexibility and agility, smaller organizations have a competitive advantage as well as the ability to reach solid and sustainable financial security due to, among other things, the ability to:

  • Develop sound strategic direction and stay the course
  • Identify organizational culture and hire employees who are a great fit for that culture
  • Adapt to economic and other market forces by quickly altering their internal structure and operating mechanisms
  • Select, develop, engage and retain employees, saving themselves the costly risk of losing talented and trained staff
  • Maintain product and service innovation enabling access to more markets and deeper penetration

Learn more about our Business Growth Curve X-Ray Process

As Organizational and Performance Specialists, we help your organization and its employees live up to expectations.

Use our proven scientific assessment systems to find out how to improve your selection, performance, engagement and retention efforts.

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