Executive & Business Coaching

Managers and leaders are expected to accomplish amazing things, to produce outstanding results year after year. Rarely are they taught how to do this, or trained in any aspect of management or leadership. Surprisingly they do well in many cases. But they are human and can’t know it all, even with the best effort and intent. Partnering with a business ¬†or executive coach can be the catalyst that ensures individual growth, improved results, higher retention of all employees, promotions and higher profits.

Our approach to executive coaching:

  • Assess, assess, assess. Using highly-validated instruments, we are able to ascertain a person’s behavioral style, what motivates him, what his potential is for improvement, and his EQ. Without solid data on which to base coaching intervention we would be flying blind at best, and wasting time at worst. We want to target our coaching approach to maximize results and minimize time.
  • Coaching is conducted throughout our organizational assignments, both formally and informally. Every conversation provides the opportunity for a coaching intervention.
  • At the conclusion of each coaching period, we can use assessments again to demonstrate change.


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