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What can be measured can be managed – have you ever heard that phrase before? Although it might sound trite, it is, however, true. Cattermole & Associates, LLC firmly believes that effectively identifying talent, matching the right person to the position, and identifying the culture (and one’s fit to that culture), provide the foundation for a solid organizational structure. Which in turn bodes well for employee engagement, satisfaction, and overall organizational performance.

Before you can do any of that however, it necessitates measuring what you start with. Our assessment systems can help at part of the process, from selection, to culture, to engagement, retention, and superior performance.

Employee Selection & Retention:Performance Signpost


Since high turnover can destroy a business’s profit margins, having a scientific, data-based system that enables selecting the right person for the job just makes good sense and improves your ROI.

Our assessments help you identify a candidate’s:

  • Behavioral fit to the position
  • Emotional Quotient and decision-making ability
  • His or her motivators, or drivers, that predict superior performance
  • Cultural fit to the organization
  • His or her potential to perform to superior expectations
  • His or her potential for staying with the organization in the long term

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TTI’s DISC and Motivators assessments identify a person’s behavioral style and his motivators – what drives him to succeed – as well as helps determine fit to company culture.

TTI DIM SUP - FinalTTI’s comprehensive assessment systems determine 8 dimensions of a person’s external and internal world.




The high cost to employers of selecting, on-boarding, training, developing and retaining employees represents a serious investment and cannot be overlooked when focusing on maintaining high profit margins, high morale and long term employee engagement. Elevate your success rates at hiring and retaining quality people by using our Position Benchmarking Process.

What is the Position Benchmarking Process, and how does it work?

Through a clearly-defined, expert-led, discovery process, key stakeholders in the organization identify specific characteristics, skills, motivators and attributes that the position will require from the person to ensure that person will perform to superior standards. In effect, the process “lets the job talk”. The same stakeholders complete sophisticated, scientifically-based on-line assessments that result in the data against which to compare and match the successful candidate.

Once you have hired the successful candidate – or selected which employees to develop – sign up for our web-based tool Managing Performance Priorities. This tool allows 24/7 access for managers and employees to establish, implement and monitor performance outcomes. Download our free Managing Performance Priorities flyer to learn more.

Emotional Quotient

EQ (emotional intelligence) is a critical component of good decision-making and high performance. EQ is the process of recognizing, managing, and appropriately leveraging emotions within yourself and with others. The value of EQ increases dramatically with job complexity. Research has shown that those with high EQ are 127 times more productive than those wit low EQ. The key differentiator between star and average performance is EQ.

EQ scores can be raised over time with effective coaching, mentoring and other development approaches.

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