Communication the Old Way!

Anyone remember how we communicated before cell phones? There must be some of you out there who do!! How did we ever leave the house without being instantly and constantly connected? Text, email, Facebook, Tweet, to name a few – a whole new vernacular has sprung up that we wouldn’t have understood a couple of decades ago. The means of communication have been developing at warp speed, I wonder where it will end up? Communication!

Here’s where it was a few decades ago – London phone boxes. What amazing contraptions they were at first. Now they mostly function as outdoor toilets, shelters from London’s plentiful rainfall, places where you can still make calls (sometimes). Of course this photo is a few years old and on my last trip to London a week ago, I didn’t see any at all.

Although current connectedness improves communication in so many ways, we’ve lost some of our old freedoms – such as kids no longer being able to spend time with their friends without parents checking in, or strangers being able to find out all kinds of things about you online. For the most part, we also have to make a conscious effort to speak face-to-face (sharing non-verbal as well as verbal messages), make a phone call (at least sharing voices), or write a letter (sharing precious time on another person).

How I make the best of all of this? I communicate using all methods I can master, appreciating the richness and potential of it all. I consider us profoundly lucky to have so many choices.