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IMG_2173Fiona Cattermole

Educated and trained in the study of psychology and human behavior, Fiona Cattermole’s first career was as a psychotherapist in the Boston, MA area. In that role she witnessed the struggles (and triumphs) encountered by her clients – most of whom came from corporate environments. Many of their problems seemed to stem from poor organizational structure, confusion about roles and expectations, and confusing messages from managers and leaders who lacked the knowledge and training (but not necessarily the heart) of how to lead a workforce. This inspired her to transition to her second career as an Organizational Development Consultant.

In her current role as a consultant, Fiona is able to effect change in organizational environments, improving communication, clarifying expectations, developing leadership and management, and thus helping many more people than one client at a time. Her goal is to prevent further distress to employees, which ultimately strengthens the organization’s performance and leads to greater profit.

Paul CattermoleIMG_4468

Paul is a CPA, MBA, and a CTP (Certified Turnaround Professional); he has completed his training as an ISO9000 Lead Assessor and Sarbanes – Oxley implementer.

He has the following amongst his work experience:

  • Audit accountant for BDO Seidman CPA (2 years)
  • Approximately 20 years of “hands-on” experience as a CFO/Controller for primarily publicly held industrial companies
  • Process improvement consultant for Fortune 500 companies (2 years)
  • Implemented value-added ISO9000 in many domestic and European companies
  • Has been the lead or been directly involved in the implementation of process changes necessary for three NYSE companies to become Sarbanes-Oxley compliant
  • Approximately 15 years as a Restructuring/Change Management Consultant


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