We believe, like most business leaders, that the success and profit of your business is dependent upon leadership, strategy, and your ability to execute that strategy. But, most of all, ultimate and sustainable success depends on your people – your employees.

Strategy Pyramid

No matter how articulate your vision, mission and goals, no matter how brilliant your strategy, plan, systems, processes, or goals, all could result in costly failures in the absence of a talented, engaged and rewarded workforce.

Are your employees:

Are your employees happy? Valued?

  • Valued, engaged?
  • Do they perform to expectations?
  • Do you invest in hiring great talent?
  • Do they know what’s expected of them – really?
  • Do they fit the company’s culture? Do you know what that culture is?
  • How productive are your teams?
  • Is communication clear and effective?

Clock-watching Employee

Or are your employees:

  • Bored? Disengaged?
  • Do you know the cost of disengagement? At a conservative disengagement rate of 2 hours per employee per day, it adds up.
  • Do you invest in training and developing your employees just to see the competition hire them?
  • Do you have high turnover? Do you know the cost? At 1-3 times annual salary per employee?

Employee Assessments

Organizational Development

Predicting – and preparing for – your Business Growth and Profit:


Predict your business growth

We are licensed Business Growth Strategists, using a proven model that will provide you with valuable tools you can use to identify how well your business is currently growing, what challenges and strengths you may need to focus on, and how you can identify a clear path to your future growth by going through our 1- to 2-day X-Ray Process.

Would you like a crystal ball to see how prepared you are to predict how growth will impact your business? What if you could identify growth issues before they occur? Learn how to identify what needs to be done when, how, and by whom? Align your management team to address issues early on? To look ahead?

The 7 Stages of Business Growth Model:

This model identifies 7 distinct stages of growth a company can go through, if it needs and wants to, and applies to businesses that have from 1 to 500 employees. Unlike other growth models that define growth in terms of revenue, this revolutionary model defines growth by the number of employees. So as the company adds employees, it moves gradually to the next stage of growth.

The Model’s 27 Challenges and Strengths:

The model identifies 27 challenges (which could also be strengths) that a company will encounter and address throughout its lifecycle. Each of the 7 stages has 5 primary challenges it must focus on before being ready to move to the next stage of growth.

The Model’s 3 Process Gates:

Profit, people and process are 3 things a business must always keep in focus. However, the model identifies what the priority focus should be in any given stage of growth. Do you know when you should make profit, people or process a priority?

Business Growth X-Ray Process

See how your company can go through our patented process to find out how to resolve past and current challenges, and how to prepare for growth.

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